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Every dish is perfection...

Our program features a daily coffee bar & cafe, Ice cream parlor, tea room, 3 gourmet meals, dessert events and more.

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Celebrate Levi Feigenson and the Table One team as they bring their legendary talents & creativity to provide you with a culinary experience like no other.  The Table One wait staff is impeccable and will surely enhance your families experience.

• Top Notch Menu
• Fine Wine Choices
• Lavish Tea Room
• Outdoor Sunset BBQ Event

• Masterchefs

 We take Kashrus seriously! Under the direction of our Rav Hamachsher, Rabbi Elie Matusof and his full time Mashgichim.  Rabbi Matusof, himself will be on site the entire Yom Tov, ensuring a Pesach experience that offers the following:

  • Cholov Yisroel

  • Shmura Matzah

  • Non-Gebrokts

  • Lubavitch Shechita

  • Peeled Vegetables