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The FFH Experience


Villa Roma Resort & Spa

FFH is proud to partner with Villa Roma Resort and Spa. Villa Roma is a four star top rated hotel, nestled in the beautiful  Upstate mountains of NY in the town of Callicoon. 

The hotel is exclusively ours for Pesach 2020. As a full resort The Villa Roma has so much more then the standard side of the road hotel, that many programs offer.

Villa Roma is unrivaled in the region; its recent $27 million dollar renovation brings beauty and elegance to the resort that enhances its already outstanding offerings.  This hotel fits perfectly for a frum family get-a-way with spacious suites, and enormous offering of things to do, accommodating all ages.

  • Full Service Spa

  • Zipline (new)

  • Valet Parking

  • Gym and gym classes

  • Paintball

  • Bonfires and late nights

  • Basketball Indoor/outdoor

  • Large Arcade

  • Playground Indoor/outdoor

  • Indoor Pool/water aerobics

  • Tennis Indoor/outdoor

  • Raquet Ball

  • Archery

  • Soft Play/ball pit

  • Bowling alley

  • Go-Carts speedway

  • Horseback riding

  • Inflatable bounce house

  • PGA 18 Hole Golf Course

  • Ping Pong & Billiards

  • Rock Climbing Wall

  • Laser Tag

  • Bingo

  • Large spacious bedrooms

  • Lake views and more


Pesach with FFH Events

Over the past few years FFH has become synonymous with impeccably-planned events; Featuring top-tier programming, and exceptional attention to detail. Each year we have exceeded your expectations and we look forward to wowing you again in 2020. We are absolutely the ‘most for your money’ program on the market today!

FFH is the perfect destination for families, singles and empty nesters, alike.  We have a program geared to accommodate. 

Shloime & Alyson Feldman treat each guest as family, providing an extraordinary experience for every exceptional guest and group.  Gathering all of these wonderful people together, to share in this engaging program, has indeed created something extra special. “We have come to think of our guests as family”.

Pesach with FFH looks forward to once again delivering an astounding blend of strict Kashrus standards, delicious and plentiful meals,  delightful entertainment and uplifting speakers; All in the warm  atmosphere that FFH is known for. We are always looking to improve from the year before, and take heed to any request that we can fulfill.

We are proud to announce a streamlined express check in service

and extended Day Camp hours

for our Pesach 2020 guests.

At FFH we are here to make sure that you have all the comforts of home and luxuries of a five star program, while being as gentle on your wallet as possible.  We have worked on special discount packaging including early bird specials, adjacent building pricing and return guest discounts. We really can’t wait to see you again.

Prepare  for this Pesach by simply pulling up a chair and sitting back to enjoy. 

Experience the freedom of being our guest. 


Table One Catering

The only price conscious Pesach vacation with a truly 5 star dining experience. 

The exquisite relationship between the Table One team, the menu and the satisfaction of the discerning customer, has sealed Levi Feigenson as a renowned Master Caterer. Table One transfuses every meal with gourmet delicacies fit for any artisan restaurant.  

Celebrate The Table One Catering team as they bring their legendary talents & creativity to provide you with a culinary experience like no other.  Many unique surprises in store for Pesach 2020.

  • Top Notch Menu

  • Coffee Bar

  • Ice Cream Parlor

  • Fine Wine Choices

  •  Lavish Tea Room

  • Dessert Events

  • Culinary Masters

  • Exemplary Staffing

  • Full team of floor managers

Our program adheres to strict Kashrus standards,  without sacrificing any of the taste. Our facility is under the direction of our Rav Hamachsher, Rabbi Matusof and his full time team of Mashgichim. Rabbi Matusof will be on site the entire Yom Tov, ensuring a Pesach experience that offers the following:

  • Glatt Kosher

  • Cholov Yisroel

  • Non-Gebrokts

  • Shmura Matzoh

  • Chassidishe Shechita

  • Peeled Vegetables

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Every dish is perfection...

Our program features a daily coffee bar & cafe, Ice cream parlor, tea room, 3 gourmet meals, dessert events and more.

Scroll Down and read all about Table One Catering


Celebrate Levi Feigenson and the Table One team as they bring their legendary talents & creativity to provide you with a culinary experience like no other.  The Table One wait staff is impeccable and will surely enhance your families experience.

• Top Notch Menu
• Fine Wine Choices
• Lavish Tea Room
• Outdoor Sunset BBQ Event

• Masterchefs

 We take Kashrus seriously! Under the direction of our Rav Hamachsher, Rabbi Elie Matusof and his full time Mashgichim.  Rabbi Matusof, himself will be on site the entire Yom Tov, ensuring a Pesach experience that offers the following:

  • Cholov Yisroel

  • Shmura Matzah

  • Non-Gebrokts

  • Lubavitch Shechita

  • Peeled Vegetables

Pesach 2020 begins Wednesday Evening, April 8th

Pesach 2020 ends Thursday Night, April 16th

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you may always Email

When requesting a quote please Include your children’s ages, length of stay and other special requests. If you are a group of two or more families it is best to list each family, and not send as one group.

To be added to our email list please email

pay with points: Redeem your miles towards Pesach with FFH.  Email, for more information.

Check in is Wednesday, April 8th at 12pm.   Check out is Friday, April 16th at 11am sharp.

Early check in available after 4pm on March 7th, additional fees apply

Partial stays welcome.

We are only able to book based on availability, at time of deposit. The rooms you are quoted might not be available, if you wait to secure.

For detailed rooming information visit our Choosing Accommodations link.

Each room has a hard key available

Handicap and Handicap friendly rooms available upon request

Wi-fi is available to all guests, free of charge

Proceeds benefiting: United Lubavitcher Yeshivoth Mesivta

Group discounts, return customer discounts, and outside of the main building discounts, available.

FFH is pleased to offer guests a choice of the main dining room (3rd floor) or a quieter dining room (1st floor).

We also offer the luxury of private rooms seder rooms for intimate family dining.  We have limited amount of Private seder rooms available, for an additional fee, and first come basis.

All quotes and room choices are based on availability.  We sell on a first come, first serve basis. A deposit is needed to confirm your room selection.

5 Star Guest Reviews and testimonials:

If there was higher then 5 stars we would give you more!


We had the best Pesach ever. I know that IYH our whole group is already looking forward to next year.

Thank you so much for making our Yom Tov so meaningful and enjoyable.

All the best,


My wife and I would like to thank you for a wonderful Pesach.

Great Speakers, Friendly People, Warm atmosphere, and good food.

Looking forward to seeing you next year, IY"H.


The entire staff from top to bottom was incredible.


The entire program was AAA and, B"H, I am happy that I chose your program.


I just wanted to let you know from our family that we very much appreciated everything you did to make everything "just right!!".


My kids are still talking about the coffee and ice cream room!! I think they drank more milkshakes over Pesach than I have had in my entire life!! :)


Thank you. You guys are amazing. We had the most wonderful time and Yom Tov experience.


Thank you very much for an amazing Pesach. My family really enjoyed every moment, there was something for everybody.


Pleasant helpful organizers and staff Well organized program, good printed program guide for reference Excellent hotel facilities.


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Phone:  877.681.6411



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Villa Roma Resort

356 Villa Roma Road
Callicoon, NY 12723

Villa Roma Directions

Upon arrival:  Pull up to the front door. 

Villa Roma's bell hops can assist you with your luggage. 

Valet parking is available, free of charge. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations on or before:

FEBRUARY 15th a full refund minus the deposit.

MARCH 1st 50% of your invoice.

No cancellations after April 1ST, 2020

Thank you for your understanding.

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Accommodation details

The Villa Roma has received the Trip Advisory Award of Excellence.

The Villa Roma has a large selection of spacious rooms:

Low floors, main building and handicap do sell out quickly. Do not hesitate.

The Hotel does not allow pets and is a no smoking facility in all indoor public and private guest areas.

Each guest room at the Villa Roma has individual climate control, iron and ironing board, hard key, wi-fi, daily housekeeping, telephone, television with cable service and alarm clock.

Cots and cribs have an additional fee of $50 per stay.

The suites and deluxe rooms are furnished with refrigerators. It is a $50 per stay charge if you would like to add a refrigerator to a standard room.

For handicap rooms details visit this link.

We are happy to offer our customers discounts for reserving guest rooms in the adjacent buildings (short walk outside). Scroll down to see a compete description and map.


Traditional guest rooms:

The traditional rooms are large hotel rooms with two doubles or queen beds and a small sitting area. The bathroom has a tub/shower combo.

Maximum occupancy is 5 people.

Main hotel and Adjacent buildings.


One Bedroom Suite:

The one bedroom suite has a separate living room. The bedroom has the choice of either two double or two queen beds and the living room has a pullout double sofa bed. The bathroom has a separate tub and shower stall.

This suite has a mini refrigerator and wet bar. Maximum occupancy is 6 people.

1st and 2nd floor of the main hotel only.


One Bedroom Efficiency Suite:

One bedroom, separate living room, and kitchen. The bedroom has two queen beds and the living room features a pullout double sofa bed. The kitchen has full size appliances (refrigerator, stove top only, microwave, dishwasher). The bathroom has a Jacuzzi tub and separate shower stall.

Maximum occupancy is 6 people.

Main hotel and Adjacent buildings.


Two Bedroom Suite:

The two bedroom suite has two separate bedrooms and a living room. One bedroom has one king bed and the second bedroom has two double beds. The bathroom has a separate tub and shower stall.

This 2 bedroom suite has a mini refrigerator and wet bar. Maximum occupancy is 6 people.

1st and 2nd floors of main hotel.


Two Bedroom Efficiency Suite:

This room holds two bedrooms, a separate living room, and kitchen. One bedroom has one king bed, the second bedroom has one queen bed, and the living room features a pullout double sofa bed. The kitchen has full size appliances (refrigerator, stove top and oven, microwave, dishwasher). The bathroom has a separate tub and shower stall. Maximum occupancy is 6 people.

Main hotel and Adjacent buildings.


Deluxe Room:

The deluxe rooms are large guest rooms with a private balcony, two double beds, a wet bar, mini-refrigerator, and a small seating area with a sofa. The bathroom has a tub/shower combo.

1st floor and 2nd floor of main hotel

Maximum occupancy is 5 people.

Discounted lodging:


The Lodge:

The lodge features large hotel rooms with two double beds, sitting area with sofa, and a wet bar. The bathroom has a Jacuzzi tub and a separate shower stall. These rooms are not connected to the main hotel but are 2 minutes walking distance away. The lodge building has two floors but it should be noted that there is no elevator.

Maximum occupancy is 5 people.

3% off of quoted pricing.

arial view.jpg

Adjacent lodging:

Adjacent buildings host traditional rooms, one bedroom suites and the option to combine the two rooms for a condo like feel.

Buildings 1,2,3 on the bottom of the hill, steps from the main building = 4% off of quoted pricing.

Buildings 4,5,6 on the top of the hill, 5 minute walk from the main building = 6 % off of quoted pricing.